Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Passenger Side Floor

Last month I started working on the passenger side floor pan. At this point when I first started working on the pan, I also did not make a final decision on the inner rockers that I was going to be adding. The previous owner of the car had cut out two rust areas toward the front and rear of the pan (pictured below) and riveted a galvanized sheets of sheet as a fix. Under the patched holes, angle iron was riveted in as supports to hold the floor together. I removed the seat pan and galvanized sheets, the picture below is the result.

I then used my Craftsman Professional Reciprocating Saw that I picked up brand new for $60 and my Dewalt D28402 Angle Grinder used for $32 both at a local pawn store to cut out the offending areas.

I ran into several problems before I could start fitting my replacement floor pan. After removing the shifter and dropping the transmission, I noticed that the previous owner had cut into the floor pan brace (pictured below). The passenger side toe board also had some significant rust damage from being covered up by the galvanized sheet and not addressed (not pictured).

The firewall extension panel (toe board) was on back order, so it gave me time to think about possible routes to address these issues. At this point, I did more research and decided to add inner rockers and a one peice seat pan as explained in my previous post here. The repair in question will be to do the following:
  1. Replace the toe board with a replacement panel (on back order).
  2. Install passenger convertible inner rocker (on back order).
  3. Install passenger full length floor pan (already have, will need to have lip braked to match new rocker)
  4. Remove driver side seat pan and floor
  5. Install driver side convertible inner rocker (on back order)
  6. Install driver side floor pan (need to order)
  7. Install one peice convertible seat pan (need to order)
  8. Patch the floor pan brace
  9. Patch the transmission tunnel forward of the shifter
While I'm waiting for parts, I'll begin working on replacement of the fender apron and radiator support which will be a next post.

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