Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Shortlist

The first item of business after moving the Mustang to it's new home was to make a list of damage and what would need to be replaced sheet metal wise (exlcuding exterior panels such as fenders, valances).

Front end: Driver side front fender apron and radiator support had been replaced after an accident, the repair was poor so they'll need to be replaced. Radiator support crossmember has minimal damage and could be repaired with a hammer and dolly. Shock tower cap on passenger side is cracked and needs to be replaced.

Middle: Driver side front floor pan has rust holes forming and was patched over using a galvanized panel of steel. The driver side rear pan has severe pitting, so a full floor pan will needed. Passenger side had two large holes cut out and panels were riveted on top (pictured below). Supports were made using angle iron and also riveted in place. Passenger side toe board also has a significant amount of rust. A full passenger side pan and toe board will need to be replaced. New seat pans will need to be installed as well. Previous owner hacked up the transmission tunnel shifter hole to fit a B&M shifter cable, and cut through 75% of the floor brace that runs inside the transmission tunnel.

Rear end: Passenger side of the tail light panel has small rust areas that would either need to be patched or replaced. The passenger side trunk floor is beat to hell, it's creased, crinkled, dented and it makes me wonder if the car was hit from behind but it will also need to be replaced.

To Repair / Replace:
Driver side front fender apron
Radiator support and crossmember
Shock tower cap
Passenger side toe board
Passenger side full floor pan
Driver side full floor pan
Seat pans (one peice)
Transmission tunnel patch near shifter hole
Floor pan brace
Tail light panel
Passenger side trunk floor pan

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